In order to ensure the security of schools, Principals / Headmasters have been requested to take the following safety and security measures at the earliest:

  1. To increase the number of security guards in the school.
  2. To install CCTV’s at the entrance, exit and also focus on the perimeter (for suspicious/lurking person), corridors and other vantage points to be decided in consultation with the O.C. of the Police Station.
  3. Each student and staff member must wear an identity card (giving his name, parent/guardian’s name, address, class,phone no. and bloodgroup and other details).
  4. Each student must be told to memorise the phone no. of his parents/guardians.
  5. There should be a public address system in each school.
  6. There shall be a long ladder and ropes ineach school, in case evacuation has to be effected.
  7. There should be proper fire fightingmeasures extinguishers, smoke alarms etc with standing instructions and training tostaff/students as to their operation.
  8. Regular mock exercises including evacuation drills should be conducted.
  9. The students be sensitized not to purchase food from hawkers near the school premises.
  10. Students should not accept eatables from any strangers or even befriend them. Each school is also advised to form a School Volunteer Force. The number of students in the group shall vary dependingon the size of the school premises. The following will be the charter of duties for the school volunteer groups:
    a) This group can be rotated daily, weekly orbi-weekly, so that the students do not lose out on their classes.
    b) This group shall come to school an hour before and check the precincts of the school for unidentified objects orsuspicious persons around the entrance/perimeter.
    c) They shall repeat this exercise at the closing of the school.
    d) They shall give a daily report to a staff member nominated for this purpose.
    e) They can be given badges/arm-bands by the school.
    f) Implementing the security drill shall infuse a sense of regimentation, discipline, team spirit, service, duty and patriotism amongst the students and they shall feel more responsible.
    g) The Police Station officers can give the initial briefing and sensitization.
    h) If this system is put in practice itwill be a good security system and deter potential elements from targeting the school.

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