Foreigners Guidelines

Requirements of Registration To Foreigners
Rule-5, Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1939: Report by a foreigner of his address in India etc.:- (1) Every foreigner entering India (or resident of India) shall present in person to the appropriate registration officer specified in rule 6 a report (hereinafter referred to as a registration report.) Provided that no such report shall be necessary in the case of a foreigner holding visa for 180 days or less. They are no longer required to get themselves registered. The validity Tourist Visa is only up to 6 months, after that only 15 days to be granted in urgent circumstances without any fees. Every registration report shall be made in writing in the English language and in quadruplicate and shall contain a true statement of the foreigner's address in India and of the other particulars specified in items 2 to 10 of the Form 'A' and such as of the particulars specified in items 12 to 16 thereof as may be appropriate.

Procedure for Registration

Rule 6 of Registration of foreigners Rules 1939. The registration report shall be presented if a foreigner wants to stay more than 6 months continuously, he will report within 15 days of his arrival in India to get himself registered with the Foreigners Registration Officer. In his report the foreigner will furnish the required information correct and accurate for the satisfaction of the said officer. The Registration Officer shall issue a Certificate of Registration in Part-III of Form 'A' as mentioned in Rule-2.
Residential Permit
According to Para-7 of the Foreigners Order-1948, every foreigner who enters India on the authority of a visa issued in pursuance of the Indian Passport Act 1920, shall obtain from the Registration Officer having jurisdiction at that place at which he presents a registration report in accordance with which he presents a registration report in accordance with Rule 6 of the Registration of Foreigners Rules 1939, a permit indicating the period during which he is authorised to remain in indicated the period during which he is authorised to remain in India and also indicating the place or places for stay in an any specified in the visa.

Production of Proof of Identity 
Rule-8 (Registration of Foreigners Rules-1939) Every foreigner shall, within twenty four hour of demand being made of him by any Registration Officer, Magistrate or police officer not below the rank of head constable, produce at such place as may be specified his passport or such other proof of his identity as may be required for any purpose connected with the enforcement of these rules.
Every foreigner entering India shall, on demand being made of him by the Registration Officer, deliver his passport or other proof of identity to that officer and shall thereafter attend at such time and place as the Registration Officer may direct for the purpose of receiving back his passport.
Where in pursuance of sub-rule (2) a foreigner surrender his passport or other proof of identity he shall be entitled to receive a receipt for it from the Registration Authority.

  Production of Certificate of Registration:  
Rule 9 Every registered foreigner shall, within twenty four hours of demand being made of him by any Registration Officer, any Magistrate or any police officer not below the rank of head constable, produce the Certificate of Registration for the purpose of such Registration Officer, Magistrate or police officer. Provided these officer may on sufficient cause being shown, extend the aforesaid period of twenty-four hours to such a period as, in the circumstances may be reasonable necessary for the production of the said certificate.

Report of Absence from Address: 
Rule 10 If at any time a foreigner proposes to be absent from his registered address for the continuous period of two weeks or more he shall, before he leaves, make a report in writing to the Registration Officer of the district in which his registered address is situated, and shall furnish in the said report full particulars of his itinerary including particulars of place which he proposes to visit/stay and the expected date of his return. Registration Officer will make endorsement on his permit to this effect.

Report of change of Registered Address: 
Rule-11 In pursuance of this Rule, if any foreigner is about to change his registered Address, then he will inform the concerned Registered Officer. The Registration Officer will make endorsement on his Permit. 

Report to be made to and by Hotel Keeper: 
Rule-14 According to this Rule every hotel keeper/guest house shall submit a copy of the C form duly, filled with the information given by the foreigner in respect of his passport visa and nationality etc. as soon as may be, but not more than twenty four hours of the arrival of the foreigner, to the Registration Officer. If any foreigner is staying with his relatives it is the duty of that person to give report to the nearest police station or Foreigners Registration Officer with full particulars of the foreigners. Non compliance of these instructions/rules are punishable under Section 5 of Registration of Foreigners Act, 1939.
Section 14 This section is a penalty section which is as under : "If any person contravenes the provisions of this Act or of any order made there under, or any direction given in pursuance of this Act or such order, he shall be punished with imprisonment for a period which may extend to five years and shall be liable to fine."
Pakistani Nationals 
Pak nationals have to report within 24 hours from their date of arrival in India to the nearest Police Station or to the Dist. Foreigners Registration Officer

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