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Darjeeling Police recruited 125 village police volunteers in the hills, Of the 125 recruits, 55 would undergo a month-long training from tomorrow.

Kunal Aggarwal, the superintendent of police, Darjeeling, said: “The village policemen would start the month-long training from tomorrow. They are being recruited on contract for a year.” The rest would start training soon.

Each village police volunteer would be paid a daily allowance of Rs 310 for 22 days a month and be given a uniform —sky blue shirt, navy blue pants, belt and a cap with a logo along with black boots.

The 125 candidates were shortlisted after a physical fitness test and an interview.

The recruitment process started two months back and is part of a statewide exercise.

The village police cadres would be posted in each of the gram panchayats in the hills. The main task of the force would be to gather local level intelligence.

The idea behind the village squads is to keep an eye on movement inside the villages that cannot always be accessed by the police. They can act as good sources of human intelligence,” said an intelligence officer.

According to the police officers, their job would largely be to act as informers for the police stations in their areas.

They will be the eyes and the ears of the police force as many areas are not easily accessible,” said an officer.

Police sources said the squad could also act as a bridge between the villagers and the police.

The minimum educational qualification of a village policeman is Class X and the members have to be between 22 and 30 years.

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